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22 October, 2015

Surprise Attack Breaks Down Apple TV

We interview Chris Wright, the managing director of one of the world’s biggest indie games publishers, to see what his take is on the upcoming, games-focused revision of Apple TV.

It always seemed like a case of when, not if. Apple has the infrastructure, catalogue and controller support already in place to be a major player in the microconsole space, and the fourth revision of its Apple TV hardware will look to make that potential a reality. With a focus on streaming games, and a motion-based controller bundled in, Apple TV is set to succeed where Ouya, PlayStation TV and others have struggled.

We reached out to Chris Wright, managing director of Surprise Attack, ahead of his busy showing at PAX AUS - where his company will be displaying Dungeon League, Hacknet, Rogue Continuum, Screencheat (pictured above). Super Mutant Alien Assault, Vertiginous Golf and Western Press – to get his thoughts on the service.

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