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About Grab It

Grab It Magazine is a triple-A, digital video games publication created to the standards met by its founder, Chris Stead, on his previous publications, including Game Informer, Official PlayStation and GamePro magazines. It will be presented natively in the digital format, using the medium’s strengths to deepen the reader experience and their connection to the games. Grab It Magazine is in itself an entertaining experience, but it also provides opinion, information and a direct channel to point-of-sale on all of the games showcased in each issue.

Grab It Magazine is an independent magazine, with a team of 20 handpicked staff. We work out of Sydney Australia, but consider ourselves to be an international outlet, welcoming to, and enjoyed by, gamers across the globe. We don’t take sides – gender, religion, age or otherwise.

Our readers are looking for new games to discover and enjoy through their technology. They range from triple-A console gamers excited by the creativity in the downloadable space, to the super casuals looking for someothing more than Bejeweled. Grab It Magazine targets that middle ground: people searching for something different, better and creative.

The magazine will launch as a monthly publication focused on iOS, with aspirations of expanding and diversifying quickly into the future. For more info, check out the FAQ


Grab It Magazine aspires to push the concept of a digital publication to its limits and, in doing so, paint the truest picture possible of a gaming experience – to capture its atmosphere.

This is acheived through our experienced team of writers:

Chris Stead

For the past 17-years, Chris Stead has been writing about video games for major publications that focus on PC and console releases. In recent times he has become so inspired by the creativity and quality of titles being released by small indie studios as downloadable games, he has started a new magazine dedicated to it.

Adam Guetti

Adam Guetti is a freelance gaming journalist and a long-time lover of shenanigans. Over the past few years he has worked for Official PlayStation Magazine, IGN and Game Informer as well as starting the indie site Dusty Cartridge. A gamer from a young age, Adam remains fascinated by the potential indie studios possess and the future they present.

Chad Habel

Chad has been playing video games since he was about six years old, when Galaga or Defender in a shady den at your parent’s local was the best you could hope for. He now loves games of all genres on all platforms, but particularly titles that bend your mind in some way. By day he works as a mild-mannered lecturer at an Australian university.

Garry Balogh

I've been gaming since the '70s, and it has been an absolute privilege to see this wonderful hobby of ours evolve into the beautifully rich and diverse art form that it is today. I love that I don't know what's beyond the horizon. The journey is the prize.

Grant Fois

Grant has been as avid gamer for as long as he can remember. A relative newcomer to the world of video game journalism, Grant’s academic background is the ace up his sleeve when it comes to looking at gaming through an analytical eye. A lover of all things retro, he is always down to get his hands on the latest resurrected title from the bit era of gaming for iOS.

Jeremy Ray

Bio Coming Soon!

Jesse Miles

Hailing from the long lost N64 era of 3D-platformers, Jesse Miles is an up and coming games journalist from Adelaide Australia. Although trained in the mysterious arts of polygonal sword wielding, he now spends most of his time looking at video games with a level of crazed analytical examination normally reserved for important topics.

Mark Ankucic

Mark 'The Viking Gamer' Ankucic is a no holds barred gaming journalist. Whether he's pursuing the intellectual depths of Angry Birds or learning how to beat AI on a medium setting, Mark brings the passion and force of a Viking to all of his articles.

Rae Johnston

Rae Johnston is the former Lifestyle (Gaming & Consumer Tech) Editor of Techlife Magazine, where she pushed a big focus on Indie games. Currently the “Tech Guru” for Channel Nine’s MORNINGS program, Rae regularly brings to the mainstream consciousness the positive and educational qualities of gaming for children and adults alike.

Stephen Mitchell

Having been introduced to the Atari 2600 console at a young age, Stephen is passionate for all things gaming. He is excited to see the boom in quality indie games being released on mobile devices, and predicts a bright future ahead. Stephen is a dedicated Christian, can quote any line from The Simpsons on demand, and loves brewing his own beer.

Theo Tunks

I'm a young gamer who is hoping to provide a fresh view on games for the next generation of gamers. I'm really excited to explore the mobile scene and I'm sure that it will continue to be innovative and continue to amaze gamers old and new for years to come.

Trent Van Der Jagt

Bio Coming Soon!

Who will be our next writer?

Check back soon for to learn more about our writers.