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05 March, 2015

Exclusive: How Empyrios Offers Tactical Squad-Based Combat at its Purest

I love turn-based combat. Maybe it’s the tabletop gamer of my youth speaking, or maybe I just like having the time to work out the best strategy for my squad based on troop positioning and turn order. The frequent and happy mixture of this game mechanic with great sci-fi and fantasy elements certainly doesn’t hurt either. Whatever the case, I’ve had a great line-up of turn-based titles to pick from in recent times, from the strategic nightmare of XCOM: Enemy Unknown to the wonderfully deep and story-driven Banner Saga.

This is why I was very happy when, in July 2014, Creoterra - a small indie studio in Toronto comprised of Joe and Brandy Woynillowicz - announced its upcoming strategy-RPG title Empyrios: Prophecy of Flame. Empyrios promises to focus on tactical, squad-based combat. Players pick from two factions (Mystic Covenant or Shadowlord Pact) and build squads of units from the four races available to each faction – each ofering five character classes (mage, warrior, support, etc.). Your squad is then thrown into battle against another squad in one of 50 detailed and unique environments.


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