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25 July, 2014

Thomas Was Alone Review

Thomas Was Alone was already an established indie darling well before it made its way to iOS. A big success on PC back in 2012, it has garnered plenty of hype ever since, so I went into this review expecting something pretty darn special. And almost immediately, I began sinking into the game’s unique character study and to understand why Mike Bithell’s minimalist platformer is so highly regarded.

17 June, 2014

Kratos Would Be Proud Of Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

Easily one of the more exciting iOS games to get some airtime at last week’s E3 was Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, a brutal action adventure game inspired by Greek mythology. It follows Prometheus, the dual sword-wielding hero, hacking through levels against fierce Greek Gods and their cronies. After stealing the coveted Godfire spark, Prometheus gets into a God Battle. The battle ends with him plummeting to the mortal world below, dropping the spark, and cursing his fumbly hands.

22 May, 2014

Marble Madness Meets Pikmin in Globosome: Path of the Swarm - Win One of 5 Posters!

Globosome: Path of the Swarm is an “exploratory-action” game from German developer Navel Games. Recalling the lush worlds of the Pikmin series and the rolling fun of Marble Madness it tasks you with reuniting with your swarm as you guide your lost Globo through the flourishing and dangerous environment. As you feed on your surroundings to create your own swarm of little Globos, you unlock new abilities and areas, learning more about the universe as you roll along.

The concept for the game spawned from the Globosome 2012 short film. The film, directed and written by Sascha Geddert, explores the similarities in how humans and bacteria develop and advance. So it’s definitely got more behind it than your average platformer, and we like its isometric perspective, which is unusual for a platformer.

The promise of shifting environments and brain-teasing levels should provide hours of entertainment and we look forward to directing our Globo through the diverse worlds now that it has just been released.  You can grab it here.

Now for some extra cool news! To celebrate this new release – Navel Games has given us five amazing posters (you can see one above) to give away to our Grab It Fans! They’ll be sent to whatever part of the world you exist in.

How to Enter:
All you need to do to go in the draw is like the Grab it Magazine Facebook, Twitter or Google+ networks before May 27, or sign up to our cool new newsletter! If you are already a follower, simply retweet or share one of our posts to go in to our draw. Good Luck!

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