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13 January, 2014

SSX Tricky Devs Bring Ski Cross to iOS

Another Unity Games alumni, FRS Ski Cross from developer Roadhouse Interactive is available now on the App Store. From the creative producers behind SSX Tricky, the game certainly looks the part, and has plenty of content on offer. There are over 250 items to work towards in the game's store, and 50 downhill slopes to ski.

The gameplay has some surprises as you don't actually directly control the steering of your avatar. Instead it is more timing based as you tap and hold to enter and exit turns, and tap to jump. So when you strip everything else away, all you're really left with is a game that tests your ability to tap the screen at the right time, which may not be for everyone. But it still draws you in to try and get the gold medal for each track... and it is free. A comprehensive tutorial at the start tells you everything you need to get started.

Being free to play there are several currencies in-game and as always with this style of game it will be interesting to see how the balancing of them pans out. A very brief hands on earlier today was not enough to really be able to comment too much on this side of things, but there isn't exactly an avalanche of skiing games tumbling onto the App Store.

For those in the Northern hemisphere it might turn out to be a fun way to pass the time after a hard day on the slopes, and for those in the south, maybe a way to take your minds off the heat. If you want to expand into snowboarding games, we'd recommend taking a look at MyTP Snowboarding 2 and Snowboard Hero.

This is the second game in this past week to release under the Unity Games banner, a new publishing arm from Unity Technologies. The other, Archangel, is a Baldur's Gate-like action-RPG you can read about here. We also recommend checking out our interview with Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason in our latest issue, and his Top 10 Games of 2013 list.

Reference Purchase Links:
    - FRS Ski Cross (iPad)
    - FRS Ski Cross (iPhone)
    - Archangel
    - MyTP Snowboarding 2
    - Snowboard Hero

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