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09 January, 2014

Archangel Out Now

Unity Games and Black Tower Studios have released a new fantasy-themed dungeon crawler that brings “console-quality graphics” to tablets. It also looks to bring touchscreen optimised controls to the genre, with various symbols swiped upon the screen used to cast vicious spells at the hordes of evil doers you’ll be smiting from a 3D isometric perspective – think Baldur's Gate.

You can grab the game right now on iPad or on iPhone.

Players take control of the titular Archangel who must leave the fluffy white cloud goodness of Heaven when the forces of bad mobilise and fail to respect your authoritah. And given you’re a driven, uncompromising officer of Heaven, you’ll absolutely, positively have to kill every last… whatever they are… in the room. As well as casting spells, you can power up attacks, teleport, resurrect foes as battle companions, customise your armour and weapons, and win treasure. Dynamic difficulty should also ensure a solid challenge for all.

"Archangel is the first of a number of ‘core’ releases from our new publishing division, Unity Games,” said Oren Tversky, VP of Unity Games. “With a combination of high fidelity AAA-quality visuals and a streamlined combat system that really packs a punch, we’re excited to add Archangel to our portfolio this year."

This is the first game from indie developer Black Tower Studios and you can enjoy the reveal trailer below.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

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