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29 April, 2014

Wanna See 17 Seconds of 2-bit Cowboy?


Recently we posted what little we knew about soon to be released (this Thursday!) 2-bit Cowboy by developer Cascadia Games. 

All we had at the time were screenshots, but on the weekend Cascadia released some sneaky teaser footage of gameplay, which shows a whole 17 seconds worth of action. Featured is one of the mounts you'll be commandeering on your "Westernvania" adventure.

This title is screaming Game Boy visuals, with the developer wearing its nostalgia-fuelled influences on its sleeve. 

We're looking forward to taking that horse for a ride and shooting some stuff. 

Hit the play button for a 17 second tease, and if the video gets you hankering for a quality Western-style platform experience, grab Gunman Clive right here. It's seriously some of the most smoothly animated running and gunning available on the App Store. 

Garry Balogh

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