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06 December, 2014

No Man's Sky gets a Brilliant Live Action Trailer

It's that time of year when we start looking eagerly forward to the next one, and the gaming greatness it might hopefully bring. We've had a look at five of our most anticipated indie iOS games, and are also keeping a very sharp eye on Submerged

One of the most ambitious titles set to hit in 2015 would have to be Hello Games' No Man's Sky. An infinite, procedurally generated sci-fi exploration game, Hello Games are reaching for the stars and beyond with this one. In fact its reaching so far beyond that in No Man's Sky, you could potentially discover planets that no other player will ever see. That's ambitious. 

Early trailers for the game saw a player travelling seamlessly from an underwater environment, to walking on land, jumping in a nearby spaceship, lifting off into the planet's atmosphere and eventually leaving the atmosphere to emerge into the blackness of space. It was jaw dropping stuff. 

The new live-action trailer just released today, lightens the mood and has a player trying desperately to get his head around the fact that No Man's Sky is a game that embraces infinity. With hilarious results. 

You can also check out Hello Games' Joe Danger series, the iOS iterations of which are great fun - Joe Danger Touch and Joe Danger Infinity

Garry Balogh

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