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12 March, 2014

Skrillex Makes a Game - Alien Ride

If you do a search for Skrillex in the App Store the first hit is Dubstep Creation Kit. So far so good, makes sense.

The second hit is Alien Ride, a retro space shooter. Looking through the description there is no mention of Skrillex at all, so what gives? If you click on the developer website button, it takes you to where you'll find an alien face you can interact with, and a suggestion to download Alien Ride for some new treats.

The game is free, and is an ok shooter that falls somewhere between Space Invaders and Asteroids. If you're a Skrillex fan, stick with the game for a few minutes and you'll soon be streaming his upcoming album Recess via a very stylish interface that makes you feel like you've decoded an alien artefact.

It's a nice little marketing package.

There's been a run of musicians bringing their art to iOS lately, with Radiohead's trippy PolyFauna, and UNKLE providing the soundtrack for God of Light.

You can grab Alien Ride here, and there's a leaderboard at so you can measure up for bragging rights. 

Garry Balogh

  - Alien Ride
  - PolyFauna
  - God of Light


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