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28 February, 2014

God of Light Shines on App Store

Update: God of Light is now available on the App Store. You can grab it here.

Original Story: A number of weeks back, we debuted an intriguing trailer for God of Light, a light-based puzzle game by Playmous that includes a soundtrack composed by the one and only UNKLE. UNKLE began life as a trip-hop collaboration between DJ Shadow and James Lavelle, but has since been taken by Lavelle down many interesting routes over the course of five albums. Now the electronic maestro can had game development to his impressive CV.

The game itself looks like a treat, with simple thought-provoking gameplay and a soothing atmosphere that draws you into its charm. We'll have more on the game as soon as we can get out hands on it. In the interim, why don't you check out the recently released game by Radiohead, Polyfauna.

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