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28 October, 2015

Check Out Ski Safari 2's Halloween Makeover

Forget trick or treating, Halloween is really all about themed updates to our favourite games, and Ski Safari 2 has gone all out. 

Sleepy Z Studios has added a whole new spooky fourth mountain to ski or snowboard on, appropriately titled Monster Mountain. The avalanche of Penguin Peaks has been replaced by a giant jack-o'-lantern that rages relentlessly on your heels, while you evade new obstacles and enemies all touched by a similarly demented hand. Eagles are now bats, bathtubs are cauldrons of bubbling brew, and it turns out - with the aid of broomsticks - penguins can now fly. 

Even the music has been decomposed into a theremin-laden haunt. 

The new mountain also comes with 32 new challenges to beat, and even the shop has been stocked with themed items such as rope scarves for those who just have to have everything.

For those who have thought Ski Safari 2 is all well and good, but maybe a little easy, this Halloween update includes a Frantic difficulty mode. Danger is ratcheted up to 11 with Jack giving you very little time to pick yourself up and get going again, while your trick combos can be stretched out to 32. Big risk equals big score multiplier. 

We're digging Ski Safari 2 - you can check out our full review right here - and if Halloween is anything to go by, we can't wait to see what Santa stuffs down our chimney. 

Grab it here.

Garry Balogh

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