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20 January, 2015

2-Bit Cowboy and Cavorite Developer Cascadia Games Reveals Upcoming Ammo Pigs

Cascadia Games seem to have a couple of plates spinning at the moment. Having acquired the rights to the 1990s MS-DOS classic Wacky Wheels - which you can read more about here and here - we were thinking that would be its next game to follow up 2-bit Cowboy. We were wrong.

A very brief few seconds of gameplay from the developer's upcoming Ammo Pigs was released this afternoon, and it looks like Cascadia is back in 2D retro platforming mode. That's fine by us as we really enjoyed Game Boy inspired 2-bit Cowboy, and you can read our full review in Episode 5 of Grab It. Pigs, guns and action platforming look to be the order of the day in Ammo Pigs and it looks like a fun mix. 

Cascadia is shooting for an early February release on both iOS and Android, with a later release for Mac and PC.

In the meantime you can learn more about the developer by reading our interview from May 2014, in which owner Chris Jorgensen talks about the future of mobile gaming, the popularity of retro visuals on iOS, and more. 

Garry Balogh

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