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20 April, 2014

Whoa, Another Acid Flashback - Severed by Drinkbox

If you're driving a bus right now, you may want to apply the brake ahead or watching the below trailer. This absolutely spectacular piece of footage from Severed - the next game from Gucamelee! developer Drinkbox Studios - has an art style reminiscent of some Peruvian opium nightmare involving a kaleidoscope, a sword and a rainbow orgy. It's that awesome. The game concept has you slashing apart enemies in a fashion similar to the Infinity Blade series, then picking up the dismembered appendages of your fallen foes to augment your own self. The idea alone is a trip, but when you throw-in the Woodstock inspired visuals your have original with a capital Ohhhh! Enjoy! Here is what the studio co-founder Graham Smith had to say of the game to Polygon:

"It's kind of like a Mega Man-style thing. Each boss will upgrade the player in some way. If they're having trouble with a particular boss they can try a different one to get different powers and then go back. [And] like Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, different enemies will have different tells, different strengths, different weaknesses."

 The game is expected to offer four to six hours of gameplay and while not confirmed for iOS just yet (PC only at this point) the studios has made it clear the App Store is a likely destination (as well as Vita and Wii U). 

Also be sure to check our Episode 3 of Grab It - The Game Discovery App. It includes our exclusive making of feature for the brilliant Monument Valley.

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