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30 December, 2013

2013: What A Year

Wow, 2013 huh? What a year it has been for iOS. There has been new hardware taking it to a whole new level: the iPad Air and mini, iPhone 5S and 5C, all with their 64-bit A7 chipped grunt under the hood.

New software: the iOS 7 update has arguably been the most significant change since the platform released late last decade.

New peripherals: with iOS 7 came physical controller support, which is both figuratively and literally a game changer.

And games, games and more games. We've seen huge console and PC series get exclusive iOS spin-offs, ports of classics we never thought we'd be able to play again, big triple A iOS exclusive titles, and more indie gaming goodness and innovation - both big and small, casual and hardcore - than we ever thought possible. Truly something for everyone.

What have been your highlights for iOS in 2013? What are you playing right now? What will you be playing as you recover on new year's day? Any wishes for 2014 and beyond?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments, both casual gamers and core. Let's celebrate 2013 and look forward to a huge 2014. And if you haven't already, try out Grab It Magazine now and enjoy our free launch issue - it will be a great way to discover new games through 2014!

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