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23 June, 2014

Uppercut to Unreal Engine 4 for Submerged

Australian indie studio Uppercut Games has just revealed its next project and it sure is an intriguing one. Since it dropped the (financial) barrier of entry for indie developers, we’re starting to see the first run of titles emerge on Epic Games’ powerful Unreal Engine 4 middleware. This will include Uppercut’s upcoming Submerged. The developer is looking to farm more information out to fans over the coming weeks and at this stage we only have the images on this page and the following blurb to share with you. 

“Exploration, Sacrifice, and the Serenity of Desolation. Trapped in an ancient, half-submerged city and desperate for supplies, you must explore the flooded streets in your simple fishing boat, and scale the ruined buildings that hold the promise of salvation. With gorgeous visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4, ethereal music and a world you want to visit, Submerged will drag you under.”

No formats have been revealed as yet, but Uppercut’s history is on mobile. All three of its previous games EPOCH, Snowjinks and EPOCH 2 are on iOS, the latter in particular is an excellent third-person cover-based shooter that made our Top 50 Indie iOS Games of 2013 awards for its polished aesthetic and intelligent implementation of touchscreen controls. It marked Uppercut as one to watch, and we’ll bring you more news as it appears.

     - Snowjinks
     - EPOCH.2

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