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29 January, 2014

TowerMadness 2 Announced and Released

There are so many tower defence games available on the App Store - due largely to touchscreens being such a perfect fit for the genre - that it takes a lot for one to stand out from the crowd. Developer Limbic Software's 2009 release TowerMadness managed to do just that. The ability to view the field in a classic top down mode, or zoom in to a first-person mode, helped set it apart.

Fast forward nearly five years and the classic rivalry of sheep versus aliens returns in the form of TowerMadness 2. More weapons, enemies, levels, characters, controller support... wait, what?!... controller support?

This part intrigues me. On a platform where tower defence games work so well due to simply having to drag and drop towers with your fingers, adding controller support seems akin to adding an unnecessary middle man between yourself and the screen. But adding controller support means that if you're connecting your iPad to your TV via HDMI and using a Bluetooth MFi controller (the only one available at this time is the Steelseries Stratus) then it makes more sense.

TowerMadness 2 is available now, and you can grab it here:

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