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09 February, 2015

The Top 10 New Indie Game Trailers

The gaming scene moves at such a rapid pace that blink, and you’ll miss it. This is especially so, when the sheer volume of heavy hitting triple-A games being released makes it easy to overlook the hugely talented, but very small indie developers. So that you don’t miss out on some hidden gems, we’ve rounded up 10 of the most exciting new indie game trailers to keep an eye on. Even better, some of these titles are already out so be sure to show your support by grabbing whatever catches your fancy.

Midnight Star

Developer: Industrial Toys
Genre: FPS
Platform: iOS
Release: Out Now (grab it here)

You can read our review of Midnight Star right here; in short it is excellent. To learn more about the making of Midnight Star, be sure to pick up Episode 7 of Grab It Magazine, where we ran a massive "making of" feature on the game. If you move quick enough, we’re also giving away 100 free codes for Episode 7 – more details can be found here. Finally, you can also read our pre-launch interview with co-founder of Industrial Toys, Tim Harris.



Developer: Wadjet Eye Games
Genre: Point-and-click
Platform: PC
Release: Spring 2015

If you’re interested in checking out other titles from Wadjet Eye Games, we recommend picking up the excellent Blackwell Trilogy (Legacy, Unbound and Convergence). You can read our review here.


The Detail

Developer: Rival Games
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PC, iOS
Release: Out Now (iOS and Steam)

Be sure to read our interview with Jukka Laakso (CEO,) JD Sorvari (lead writer) and Timo Naskali (lead programmer) to find out more as the team put the final touches on the game’s first episode.


Forgotten Memories

Developer: Psychoz Interactive
Genre: Horror
Platform: iOS, Wii U, Vita, PC
Release: 2015

For several more excellent indie horror games on the horizon, be sure to pick up Episode 8 of Grab It (the AUS PAX edition) where we get some hands-on time with Montas and Phantasmal, among 66 other blockbuster indies.


Radiation Island

Developer: Atypical Games
Genre: Action-Adventure
Platform: iOS
Release: Out Now (grab it here)


Children of Morta

Developer: Dead Mage
Genre: Roguelike
Platform: PC, PS, Xbox, Wii U
Release: October 2015 (if Kickstarted)

Children of Morta is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, and is closing in on its goal. Head here to the Kickstarter page. For more information on Dead Mage’s project, be sure to check out our write up. We also featured Dead Mage's Shadow Blade - including a making of interview with the developer and a review - in Episode 2 of Grab It.


To Be Or Not To Be

Developer: Tin Man Games and Ryan North
Genre: Gamebook
Platform: iOS, Android, PC
Release: PC (Out Now); iOS and Android (March 2015)

We love Tin Man Games’ work here at Grab It, so there’s plenty of extra reading you could do. You may want to pick up Episode 6 of Grab It where we reveal our top 10 digital gamebooks on iPad and showcase a massive feature on Tin Man Games, including an interview with co-founder Neil Rennison. We have also reviewed Appointment With F.E.A.R. (in Episode 8 of Grab It) and Zombocalypse Now (on our website).


Dark Echo

Developer: RAC7 Games
Genre: Action
Platform: iOS
Release: Out Now (grab it here)


Prison Architect

Developer: Introversion Software
Genre: Sim
Platform: iOS, PC 
Release: PC (Out Now); iOS (Coming Soon)

From our hands on time with Prison Architect on Steam Early Access, we've loved what we've seen. For more of our thoughts on this excellent sim title, check out our video feature Grab It's Top 5 Steam Early Access Indie Games and make sure you subscribe to our channel


Plug & Play

Developer: Etter Studio
Genre: Interactive film
Platform: iOS
Release: Out Now (grab it here)

To learn more about the experimental game design of Christian Etter, you should read our feature article in Episode 2 of Grab It, in which he talks us through the making of his previous funky multiplayer outing, Drei (grab the game here).

Stephen Mitchell

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