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08 February, 2014

Legendary Shooter R-Type II Makes iOS Comeback

Update: The game is now out - you can grab it here.

Sidescrolling and vertical scrolling shooters have been a successful genre on iOS. They are casual enough to be for pick-up-and-play fun, instantly placing you knee deep in bullets and enemies, and yet they offer enough difficulty to satisfy our hardcore gaming desires at the same time. 

Developer DotEmu has a reputation for doing high quality conversions of old-school games, as opposed to rushed ports for a quick money grab. Last year they brought R-Type to iOS, allowing us to relive some very fond arcade memories without the burden of carrying around a sack of coins to feed hungry machines. 

Recently DotEmu revealed that R-Type II is headed our way, and you can check out the trailer below. 

To start getting your reflexes back in shape, you can grab the original R-Type here. Enjoy!

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Garry Balogh

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