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15 March, 2015

Move Over Evil Apples: The Real Cards Against Humanity is Coming to Mobile Devices

The physical Cards Against Humanity game was probably the biggest and dirtiest card game of 2014. Most people would have experienced this shameless game at one social gathering or another throughout the year - if not many. Well, to save your precious black cards from spilled drinks and tears of laughter you can now play the game with friends entirely from an unofficial web app called Cards Against Originality.

While the game is not linked at all to the original creator, Max Temkin, Cards Against Originality features every original card including all five expansions. And although that may sound a wee bit dubious, it’s all completely legal. The original CAH game is distributed under a creative commons license, meaning it can be remixed and distributed, but cannot be monetised without permission.

Being a web app, this game can be played from any device with an Internet connection. Finally, Grandma will have something to play other than Spider Solitaire. And although CAH creator Max Temkin is happy that people are sharing and customising the CAH experience, he has said that he never wanted a digital version of CAH as it detracts from the social experience. The news did prompt Temkin to explain that he is working on a number of projects at the moment, some of which are tailored to the mobile platform.

In fact, we already have one popular "remix" of the game on iOS called Evil Apples. And it now looks like we’ve got some more official mischievous mobile shenanigans to look forward to, courtesy of the twisted minds behind Cards Against Humanity.

You can play Cards Against Originality in your browser right now by following this link

Note: Due to the popularity of Cards Against Originality the website, may be down. The developers have promised to have the site stable by the end of the weekend. 

Brodie Fogg

   - Evil Apples 

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