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29 December, 2013

Is This The Hardest Free Game Ever?

One of the things we love most about mobile gaming is how you can turn a boring few minutes waiting in a reception or at a bus stop into an entertaining shot at glory. And one of the things we love most about indie games is that the next big hit could be completely unexpected. In the case of BWBan, these two ideals have come together in a minimalist puzzle game so hard few will ever finish it, yet addictive enough many will die trying!

Emanuele Feronato's BWBan is a very tidy, extremely minimalist and super difficult little brain melter where you need to push a block into a hole. Sounds simplistic, and it is. Sounds easy, but it’s anything but. It is completely free, and a tiny download of 3.3mb. There is a total of 80 levels, but good luck getting past the first 10!

You can pick up the game right here (iPad) or here (iPhone). We also recommend downloading our first issue of Grab It Magazine while it is free so you can try it out – we have a section called Quick Fix that focuses on these very experiences.

On his Blog Feronato says if he gets enough interest in BWBan he already has another game ready to get up and running. That's the kind of awesome indie spirit Grab It Magazine loves!

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