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12 October, 2015

This Is The Best Way To Get Ready for PAX AUS 2015

We’re counting down the sleeps to this year’s huge PAX AUS event in Melbourne, Australia, with a smorgasbord of indie gems from last year.

This time last year, the entire Grab It team was focused - 15-hours a day - on a keyboard. We were conducting interviews, playing games and designing the biggest indie video games magazine ever made. Grab It was lucky enough to work with PAX on the show guide for all things indie, which became Episode 8 of our award winning interactive iPad magazine. In all we showcased everyone of the 68 developers who were on display at PAX AUS 2014.

When we say showcased, we mean full write-ups on the gaming experience, in-depth making of interviews with each of the 68 developers, exclusive art, video content and more. It was an astounding amount of games reading, and we’re extremely proud of the end result - which received a fantastic response from attendees.

If you’re getting amped for PAX AUS 2015, why not get an insight into just how big the indie gaming booth was last year. We guarantee you’ll discover a number of Australian made gems across all formats that you never knew existed, too. Click here to grab Episode 8 for iPad now.

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