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16 June, 2015

Has Square Enix Acknowledged That Final Fantasy XV "Exceeds the Quality of Final Fantasy VII"?

The internet fell over, exploded then somehow imploded with the news out of E3 that Square Enix is remaking Final Fantasy VII. You can check out the trailer below. I can’t begin to describe how excited I am as Final Fantasy VII is my favourite game of all time. In other words, don’t mess with my nostalgia Square Enix!

Details are rather scarce at this stage with no specific release window being given. What we do know is that it will be available first on the PS4, although this certainly doesn’t confirm exclusivity.

But the question should be asked, why now? Fans have been clamouring for a remake for years and have been rebuffed at every turn. The closest thing we received was a re-release on Steam and the Gold Saucer bike mini-game coming to iOS.

If you cast your mind back a few years ago, CEO Yoichi Wada laid down a number of conditions during the company's annual shareholder meeting were a remake of Final Fantasy VII ever to take place. In his words, he said that Square Enix would not remake Final Fantasy VII until it made a brand new Final Fantasy game that “exceeded the quality of Final Fantasy VII.” The legendary Tetsuya Nomura also mentioned around the same time that a remake of the game was not a priority for the company, being more focused on improving the quality of its other games in development.

Presuming that this remake is not a pure cash grab or that Wada's comments have been forgotten, it must mean Square Enix is finally satisfied that it has created a game that surpasses the quality of Final Fantasy VII. Given the timing of Wada’s comments (in 2012,) this can only point to Final Fantasy XV. I sincerely doubt Square Enix considers Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII or the various mobile spin-offs to be better than Final Fantasy VII.

If true, this is a win-win for gamers. Not only do we get a remake of Final Fantasy VII, it also means we have so much to look forward to in Final Fantasy XV. I can vouch for that too, having played Episode Duscae and being thoroughly impressed by what was on offer.

Square Enix, you have frustrated us for years. But the future is looking bright for us Final Fantasy fans. 

Stephen Mitchell


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