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18 December, 2013

Hands-On The Shadow Sun

I'm a firm believer that the proof you are enjoying an RPG doesn’t materialize until the next day. Perhaps you were excited when you started out on your big new adventure, but on the second day, rather than hooking straight into the quest at hand, you’ve started making deals with yourself. After I read this chapter in my book; after I do the dishes; after I watch this paint dry… watch out, something clearly stinks!

However, if I wake up and can't wait to sink my teeth back into its world, then you can rubber stamp it as a winner. It sounds obvious, but RPG fans will know what I mean. I’ve just started out on my review adventure for The Shadow Sun, which emerged from hiding just a few days back with a truly epic trailer. And so far the dishes are stacked high. Work is a blur, as I’m itching to find a better sword, learn a more powerful magic spell, level-up and discover new books that clue me into the lore of Shar, the game's world. 

Ossian Studios' ambition of creating an iOS RPG that can stand on its own and not be compared to, or accused of being a clone of, a larger console or PC franchise so far seems to be a success. The world is interesting, the story is intriguing and the touch controls work well.  

I’ll have a full review in Issue 1 of Grab It Magazine, but a couple of hours into my pre-release copy I feel like I’m standing on the tip of a large and exciting iceberg called The Shadow Sun, and I’m very keen to dig deeper.

- Garry Balogh

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