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17 September, 2014

Goat Simulator Just Exploded onto iPad and iPhone

No doubt you’ve heard of Coffee Stains’ stupidly fun Goat Simulator by now. Launching back in April for PC and then in June for Mac, the Internet has not been the same since. Thankfully, from today you can cause havoc on a small town with a devastating goat from anywhere via your mobile device. Goat Simulator was slated for the usual Thursday release, but in an unexpected turn, Coffee Stain Studios announced the early release over Twitter after the game materialised in the App Store today.

If you haven’t yet played Goat Simulator, now is the time. Your function is simple – cause as much chaos as goatly possible by running, jumping, licking and ramming your way through a small community. There are very few goals, and the real fun comes from pulling off hysterical stunts and causing bizarre glitches to occur. This game will sit nicely next to the bevvy of pick-up-and-play titles that dominate the App Store, but something tells me we’ll notice more smiles and snickers on the commute home following the mobile release of Goat Simulator. 

The iOS package seems to contain the full experience, so prepare yourself for pure anarchy and some satisfying unlockables such as “feathered goat” (which is, in fact, an ostrich).

Grab the game here.

Brodie Fogg

     - Goat Simulator

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