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26 March, 2014

Essential Tips - Guide to Archangel

As stated in my review, a large part of the fun in Archangel comes from discovering how best to combine your abilities and how to manipulate them to suit your preferred combat style. So with that in mind, these tips and tricks could be seen as spoilers. Fair warning.

    * Most of the combat takes place on floating platforms. Fall, and you will lose a life. Knock an enemy off however and you will take a life. Some enemy types will chase after you wherever you go and this can be used to your advantage. Stand at the edge of a platform, wait until an enemy is close enough and then teleport to their other side. Then quickly perform a shield bash back towards them, thus sending them plummeting to their death.

    * Once you've drawn a line of fire between yourself and your opponents, they might try to run through it and then attack you with their remaining health. Once they are through, however, quickly teleport to the far side of the fire wall and they will turn around and run back through to chase after you. Having your enemies run back and forth through a fire wall is a great way to thin their numbers.

    * Having unlocked the freeze ability you can draw a line of fire, tease your enemies into the fire and then freeze them to the spot, causing them to burn away a lot of health.

    * The meteor barrage ability does some huge damage, but on quick footed opponents it isn’t much use, as it has a focused area of damage. Using your freeze ability, rooting enemies to the spot, and then unleashing hell from above is a great way to take out a bunch of demons, or some big bosses.

Grab the game here

Garry Balogh

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