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12 January, 2015

Classic 80s Film The Princess Bride Becomes Mobile Game - Out Now

Potentially the best movie ever made - slight exaggeration - The Princess Bride's mix of heroic adventure, funny one-liners and iconic characters has always been ripe for a video game translation. Perhaps we may have expected that in the form of a classic point-and-click adventure touched by the hand of a Schafer or the hilarious guys at Walk Thru Walls. Instead, we're getting a swipe-heavy collection of minigames that has you wrestling giants, swatting shrieking eels, dueling for your father's owner (presumably with your left hand) and other such inconceivable activities.

If that sounds a bit negative it's just a result of being burned by so many licensed games that contort cinema gold into a loose accompaniment of basic arcade experiences. But, because this is The Princess Bride, we'll follow our true love and not our inner troll. Being able to unlock clips from the movie and enjoy a soundtrack from The Psychedelic Furs's guitarist Mars Williams can't hurt. Enjoy the trailer below.

The game is out now and you can grab it here.

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