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19 January, 2014

Cardinal Quest 2 Announced

This casual, bite-sized rouguelike with retro-inspired graphics  looks like it might just be the fun snack the genre's fans can enjoy in between more meaty RPG adventures such as our Best 50 iOS Indie Games of 2013 inductee, The Shadow Sun.

Randomly generated levels mean you'll never play the same game twice. The game promises six different classes of warrior to help you explore the world, an easy to manage inventory system and also Permadeath, so you'll be risking everything on each run.

On its blog, developer Randomnine expressed its desire to offer up a fun, casual RPG experience whilst still including challenge and depth. Naturally we anticipate it will build on the solid template laid down by the original, too.

Releasing in Q1 of 2014, we're looking forward to testing those depths. Here's a look at some Alpha footage in the meantime. Remember this is Alpha footage, so it may to be entirely representative of the final product.

Alternative Roguelikes Aviailble Now:
    - 868-Hack (which was inducted into our Best 50 iOS Indie Games of 2013 list)
    - Isles of Bxnes
    - Cardinal Quest
    - Hoplite

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