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03 January, 2014

Oasis: Path of Redemption Out Now

An auto-runner with emotional depth? Who would have thought? But that's what Oasis: Path to Redemption presents fans of the genre in one of the moodiest trailers you're likely to see all year. Developed by comic book artist Steve Uy, this runner offers plenty to set it apart from the masses. You level-up and spend XP (not IAPs) to upgrade your skills and stats so you can better dodge, combo, defend and otherwise get through a level. They aren't one-hit kills either, and you'll have to apply some simple strategy to make your way through. Then there is also a story that adds depth to what can often be a superficial genre. Here is the developer's rundown:

"You are the last survivor of a dead world, on a desperate quest to find the fabled Oasis, promised to bring life back to the barren wasteland. Set over five hand drawn and seamless worlds, you must cut your way through the vengeful spirits that seek to block your path and discover the tragic truth behind the cause of the world's ruin."

It's an intriguing variation for the genre and it's presentation is ripe. You can buy it right now - grab it here.

Steve is also working on a second game with a similar visual style; it's a strategy RPG called the World Without End.

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