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31 August, 2014

After Much Speculation, Team Meat Confirm - It's A Boy!

News broke last week that Team Meat were developing a "live-action" stealth game for iOS, called A Voyeur For September. A pity for the indie darlings that the internet leaves no stone unturned in the exploration of new announcements, as fans soon suspected a hoax. Suspicions of an undercover Meat Boy title were confirmed at PAX Prime today when Team Meat announced Super Meat Boy Forever for the iOS.

Super Meat Boy Forever is not a port of the 2010 hit, it will feature six new chapters, in addition to an endless runner mode with levels that randomly generate after each death. Edmund McMillen of Team Meat has emphasised that Super Meat Boy Forever won't be a simple endless platflormer, won't have a one button control scheme and will be free of pesky in-app purchases. Here is a snippet of what one half of Team Meat, Tommy Refenes, has to say about the announcement:

"It's not a little iOS throwaway game. There's a certain flavour to iOS games where it's just enough and there's not a real complete, cohesive experience. [SMBF is] going to have cutscenes and bosses. It's going to feel like an actual game and not a time-waster. There are tonnes of iOS games that aren't time wasters, but most of the little platformers and auto-runners are gimicky and strange, whereas we want to give you a challenge."

Team Meat are making a point that this game will be worlds apart from its App Store cohabitants, such as Jetpack Joyride, but the question still remains, why the sudden change of heart for a company that considers the App Store as the "tiger handheld game of our generation?"

Super Meat Boy Forever will hit tablets and PC in 2015.

Brodie Fogg

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