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09 October, 2015

You Can Now Grab the Metroid and Motherload Mashup Mines of Mars for FREE

"It started out basically as a sci-fi mining game, but evolved into a deeper game where exploration of dark corridors is key (no pun intended!)"
- from our interview with Tim Wickey on the Metroid influences behind Mines of Mars

Thanks to NASA's recent discovery of strong evidence for running water on Mars, the Red Planet is currently the new black. Turns out for gamers this is good news. 

Mines of Mars was one of the iOS platform's stand out games of 2014. A 2D action platformer with a focus on freedom of exploration and a great sense of mystery, it was and still is a must play for fans of iPad gaming. In Episode 3 of Grab It we took a deep dive below the surface of Mars for our review, thoroughly enjoying Wickeyware's offering of this core gaming experience for touchscreens. 

Those who haven't yet had the pleasure of this Metroid and mining mash-up are in for a treat, as just twenty-four hours ago the App Store saw a release of a free ad-supported version of the game. It's the full experience - for nothing. Start downloading the new, free version right here so that by the time you get to the end of this article you can jump in and start soaking up the game's considerable atmosphere. For those who prefer their gaming premium and uninterrupted, grab the paid version here. 

One of the stand out features of our Grab It Episodes are the behind the scenes interviews that accompany our game reviews. It's like the extras on your Blu-rays. We think being able to get an idea of a game through a review, and then going even deeper courtesy of an interview with the developer that explores the inspirations, challenges and ideas for the future of a game makes for a pretty special experience. In Grab It Episode 3 Wickeyware's Tim Wickey discusses the game's mysterious ending, ideas for future expansions, and the inclusion of the awesome 2-bit arcade minigames. 

The expansions that Wickey talked about haven't yet eventuated, but perhaps the release of this new ad-supported version might spark renewed interest in this iOS gem, and cause the expansions to come sooner rather than later. We'll let you know if we hear anything further. 

Right, so by now your 93.5MBs of the free Mines of Mars Zero should be nearly downloaded, and we'd love to hear stories about your discoveries and adventures below Mars' surface. Hit us up in the comments below or the usual social feeds.  

Garry Balogh

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