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26 August, 2015

Land Sliders - Is There Life After Halfbrick for Prettygreat?

Well the cat's finally out of the bag for the guys at Prettygreat. The team must have been pretty anxious waiting for the gaming world to react after posting a teaser for its debut game - Land Sliders - earlier this week. 

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The ingredients all seem to be present for a promising start for the fledgling studio - cute characters, vibrant colours, a light touch of silly humour and an enticing game world. There's not much to be gleaned in the way of mechanics or story from the teaser embedded below, but by the way the avatar stays firmly rooted to the centre of the screen, and the title of the game being Land Sliders, it's pretty clear there will be some sort of land sliding taking place. By that I mean moving the game world instead of the character, such as in Simogo's excellent Bumpy Road

It's also pretty safe to assume this will be aiming towards the mobile market, given the previous success these guys had at Halfbrick. Crossy Road fans with a keen eye will spot a familiar looking chicken appearing as a playable character 13 seconds into the trailer. It's no surprise given the $500,000 of seed money Hipster Whale (developer of Crossy Road) provided Prettygreat to get off the ground. 

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We look forward to seeing how Land Sliders plays out. Will the guys who brought us Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride find success of that calibre with their new game? Time will tell. We'll of course keep you updated with any news that comes our way regarding Land Sliders. Which is your favourite character from the trailer below? I have to say I've got my eye on that Atari controller. 

Garry Balogh

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