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14 April, 2014

Wayward Souls Release Date Announced

Rocketcat Games has today announced an official release date for Wayward Souls - April 24.

In our previous post regarding the upcoming RPG dungeon crawler, the developer had floated a "likely" release date for the 17th, but it seems likely was the operative word, and we now have an official date of the 24th. 

Rocketcat's games are known for collectible hats and it seems Wayward Souls will continue the tradition. Those that buy the game before the end of the opening weekend, will also get the bonus hats from the developer's other game, Super Quickhook. 

Whether or not the hats will give any sort of stats boost or whether they will be purely cosmetic remains to be seen. The hats, for example, in combative auto-runner Punch Quest give character perks. We'll know more soon. 

Oh and here's a trailer: 

Garry Balogh

 - Punch Quest
 - Super Quickhook

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