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16 January, 2015

Triada Studio's Shadowmatic is Out Now - Shadow Puppeteering Meets Zen Bound

We originally posted about Shadowmatic way back in December 2013, and at the time the projected release was for March 2014. Having all but forgotten about this beautiful looking puzzler, it was a very pleasant surprise indeed to see it holding pride of place this morning in the App Store's Best New Games list. Clicking through to the game's page reveals a stylishly darkened background, reserved for games that Apple wishes to shine a particularly appreciative light on, such as Monument Valley on its release.  

Shadowmatic looks to be positioning itself as a serene, meditative puzzle experience, calling to mind games such as Zen Bound. A light source shines through surreal, abstract objects onto a wall, and the trick is to turn the objects and combine them in ways that cause the shadows to form a recognisable picture. 

This is the kind of experience that might appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike, and based on its sheer visual beauty I can see it as a potential for design award nominations already. Whilst Shadowmatic is Triada's debut game, the studio is no stranger to visually stunning design, as evidenced in its ad work, which is really worth a look

Shadowmatic is out now on iOS, check out the trailer and grab it right here

For more on Monument Valley, check out our world exclusive feature on The Making Of Monument Valley, put together with insights and behind the scenes art from the studio. It was the highlighted game in Episode 3 of Grab It

Garry Balogh

   - Shadowmatic
   - Monument Valley
   - Zen Bound
   - Zen Bound 2

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