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09 April, 2014

ex-Bungie Devs Announce Third Eye Crime for Q2

Indie developer Moonshot Games has announced its stylish noir heist game, Third Eye Crime, will be releasing in Q2 2014. 

Viewed from a top-down angle, you'll control your psychic criminal as he attempts to evade security and carry out heists in beautiful comic book styled environments. Gameplay is a mixture of puzzle and stealth, with some tense set-ups looking to bring a polished sneakiness to our iPads. 

Moonshot had previously vowed to stay publisher-free in bringing Third Eye Crime to the world, but decided in the end their strength was in game development, not game selling. Teaming with new Boston-based indie publisher Gamblyr seems to have been the piece of the puzzle needed to finally get the game out into the wild. 

Founded by three ex-Bungie employees Damian Isla, Rob Stokes and Michel Bastien, Moonshot Games will be showing its game at PAX East, with a release hopefully not long after. 

Check out the trailer below, and if you're keen to get your stealth on right now, awesome République - featured in Grab It free preview episode can be downloaded right here.

Also the freshly baked brand new Episode 3 of Grab It Magazine can be grabbed right here.

Garry Balogh

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