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25 February, 2014

The Voyage is Going to Puzzle Us This Week

Update: We've just got word that The Voyage has hit the App Store. You can grab it here.

Original Story: Sometimes it's nice to do puzzles purely for puzzles' sake. But at other times, we might feel like a little escapism mixed in with our puzzling. A cocktail to flex our imaginations as well as our mental muscles. At times like these, developer Mojo Bones aims to have our backs.

In 2012, The Curse saw us opening a strange book, releasing a creepy dude named the Mannequin, and then trying to solve all sorts of logic, memory and reflex-based puzzles to banish a creepy dude back to wherever creepy dude came from.

Two years later, here we are again, only this time pirates and ninjas are the new black. The guys at Mojo Bones seem to have flipped a coin, came up ninjas, and went with pirates anyway. The end result is that on February 27 we'll see the release of The Voyage with another shipload of puzzles, this time set within a pirate theme. Check out the trailer below and start preparing your best pirate puns and aaaaarrrghhhs, because apparently that's what pirates do.

In the meantime, you've got about forty-eight hours to brush up on your puzzling skills by grabbing The Curse right here.

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