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21 February, 2014

Free Game of the Day - Autumn Dynasty

Excellent RTS (real time strategy) game Autumn Dynasty has dropped to the royal price of nothing for a week.

Developer Touch Dimensions explains the reason for our good fortune in the game's description, noting the previous publishing contract has ended and the game will now be self-published. This means the app will need to be re-released and downloaded as a new app now under the Touch Dimensions banner. 

Another and more exciting reason for the sale is to celebrate next week's release of the sequel, Autumn Dynasty: Warlords, which is highly anticipated by RTS fans given the quality of the original.

With visuals done in the style of Japanese brush paintings, and controls optimised for swiping and drawing plans and paths on touchscreens, Autumn Dynasty is a no-brainer for free. You can grab it here, and whilst your downloading, watch the trailer:  

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