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11 March, 2014

Rovio Teases Angry Birds... Jousting?

If at any point you've spent 99c on purchasing Angry Birds, it would be hard to argue that you haven't gotten good mileage out of your almost buck. Rovio's all-conquering, green pig thwarting, slingshot loving game has been updated with so many free level packs since it's humble beginnings that it is genuinely hard for fans to keep up to 100% completion.

With its many themed spin-offs - such as the Star Wars and Seasons games - the developer has traditionally released short clips as teasers before fully announcing something new. These cryptic videos usually tell us little to nothing as far as hard and fast details, but merely hint as to the flavour of the upcoming release.

Well, the folks at Rovio have done it again. Via their YouTube channel Rovio is teasing "The Most Epic Soft Launch Ever" with a 28-second clip showing a medieval knight with an Angry Bird peering out through the visor. Releasing first in Australia and Canada, we learn nothing else. What madness awaits?

Hmmm. We're guessing Angry Birds... Jousting? Ok, probably not, but if it does turn out to involve jousting remember you heard it here first!

If you haven't yet experienced the pleasure to be had from hurling a bird with attitude at full velocity from a taut slingshot, just click on the links below to grab the games while we roll the clip. 

Garry Balogh

  - Angry Birds HD
  - Angry Birds Star Wars HD
  - Angry Birds Star Wars II
  - Angry Birds Seasons HD
  - Angry Birds Go 

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