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13 February, 2014

Retro Classic R-Type II Blasts onto iOS

R-Type II is out now on iPad and iPhone. Grab it here now. End of article. 

What? You need more? Really? Um...ok, let's see...

Developer Irem originally gave birth to the R-Type series way back in the good old 1980's, and it has since become royalty in the sidescrolling shooter genre. Otherwise known as a shoot 'em up, or to the hardcore aficionados, simply a shmup. 

Decades later developer DotEmu has been doing some fine work taking retro classics and giving them the modern tech love they deserve in bringing them to current platforms. Another World is just one of many other classics the developer has brought kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century. 

The original R-Type landed on iOS last year, and the saga continues now with the sequel. Are your reflexes up to the task of taking on the Bydo Empire a second time? Only one way to find out: Grab It.

  - Another World
  - R-Type
  - R-Type II

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