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15 August, 2016

Pixel Cup Soccer 17 Preview - Available on Steam Early Access Now

It feels like only yesterday that we reviewed Pixel Cup Soccer 16, a great retro arcade soccer title from Batovi Games Studio. 

Not wasting any time, on August 4th Batovi launched the next iteration of its series on Steam Early Access, appropriately named Pixel Cup Soccer 17.

Compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux, PCS 17 will spend about six months in Early Access before a full launch, with Batovi planning to pack in plenty of additional features. 

One of the most exciting new features to come will be the Team Editor, giving players the ability to create their own teams and leagues, whether they be real or imagined, and then share them with the community. 

Other items on Batovi's list of features for PCS 17 are a completely revamped AI that allows for greater depth in play-styles, and online multiplayer. PCS 17 currently supports multiplayer with Player1 VS Player2 (in Friendly Matches) and Party Mode (in Competitions).

Controls in this Steam iteration of Pixel Cup Soccer are straight forward: WASD for directional movement,  L for passing/changing player selection, and K for shooting/tackling. PC controller support is already present, and it's easily the recommended way to play given the fast-paced arcade nature of the game. 

A great feature of the Pixel Cup Soccer series is the temporary events that reflect what's going on in real world soccer, and at the moment you'll be able to play recreations of current Olympics matches in both the men's and women's tournaments. 

We'll keep an eye on Pixel Cup Soccer 17 as it continues to develop and as new features are added. Tinkering with that Team Editor should be a blast. 

You can head straight to the store page right here. 

Garry Balogh

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