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30 June, 2015

Out There: Omega Edition is Finally Out There on iOS

" was the journey and the constant sense of discovery that shone through for me, rather than the destination and a sense of completion. Combining the choose-your-own-adventure and resource management genres causes every run to feel different, and to create its own story."

- Out There review from Grab It Episode 3

We first posted about the huge incoming update to Mi-Clos Studio's excellent Out There back in July 2014, and the iOS version has finally landed today. We've had a brief chance to jump in and check out the shiny new makeover and can confidently give it the thumbs up. 

Loads of small flourishes add atmosphere to what was already a fantastic experience. The depiction of your ship orbiting a planet is no longer a static screen - planets now spin lazily in space, solar flares erupt from your current system's sun, while the background is a constant evolution of gaseous movement in space. None of it distracts, it all just comes together to give the effect of a soothing lava lamp while you plot your next move. 

The Omega Edition is much more than just a few extra animations though. Check out this huge list of new features straight from the App Store description:

   - Complete graphics makeover!
   - Extended soundtrack by Siddhartha Barnhoorn
   - 3 new spaceships
   - 1 new ending
   - 50+ new interactive stories
   - 15 new alien species
   - 10 new achievements
   - New leaderboard
   - English, German and Spanish localisation revised

A new ending! And the best part? If you already own the original Out There, you'll get all of that goodness as a free update to your current app. 

For newcomers, we've got a ready-made article of Essential Survival Tips right here so you can learn from our mistakes. There are no spoilers so fear not, it's just some basic ideas to guide you on your way. 

Out There is one of our easiest recommendations of 2014 for iOS gaming, and this Omega Edition - which also brought Mi-Clos' masterpiece to PC and Mac - is a no brainer. If you're still not convinced though, you can grab Episode 3 of Grab It for our full review and an exclusive making of interview with Mi-Clos. 


Garry Balogh

Out There: Omega Edition

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