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18 August, 2016

Legend of The Skyfish Early Impressions - What It Is and What It's Not

We're about halfway through the 45 levels of newly released Legend of The Skyfish from Mgaia Studios and thought it a good time to take a break and post some impressions. 

If you watch the trailer below you will see a cinematic story intro, gear being upgraded, and some classic top-down hacking and slashing. These elements might understandably lead you to believe Legend of The Skyfish might be more RPG than it is. Read my previous post and you'll see that was my early take. 

What it is however, is a very competent action puzzle adventure, with very lite RPG elements (which really amounts to collecting improved equipment necessary for puzzles that come soon after). The game's main focus is to determine how to complete each of its 45 levels by means of pushing blocks to open doors, timed platforming, evading spikes and so on. 

We wanted to get that out of the way so as to proceed with our full review based on what Legend of The Skyfish is, rather than focus on what it's not. 

What it also is, is very pretty. The music and hand-painted artwork combine to create a very attractive package. 

Right then. Back to the work. 

Garry Balogh

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