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24 January, 2015

How to Play The Witcher Battle Arena

The MOBA genre's presence continues to grow on mobile and tablet platforms, with this week seeing the release of The Witcher Battle Arena

It can be a daunting experience jumping into your first online battle, but collaborators CD Projekt Red and Fuero Games have done a great job of easing newcomers into the fray. 

After the developer's splash screens and a 183MB update, players will choose a username and then be taken to the main menu. At this point you can of course just jump head first into the 3v3 fighting and learn through luck and loss, or you can dip your toes in more cautiously by watching the tutorial video and playing first against AI to learn your chops.

I highly recommend the video. It's a very clean and simply presented walkthrough of the absolute basics, describing the HUD, touch controls, and in-game mechanics. 

The video also acts as a great preview and introduction to the game for those who are sitting on the fence and not sure if they want to download it or not. With this in mind we thought we'd post the tutorial right here for that exact purpose. 

Check it out and if you like what you see, you can download The Witcher Battle Arena iOS version right here

If you're a MOBA fan and want to explore the genre some more, or just MOBA-curious, here are a bunch of other titles on iOS to check out:
   - Vainglory   - Fates Forever
   - Solstice Arena
   - Arena of Heroes
   - Heroes of Order & Chaos
   - Plants War
   - Legendary Heroes 

Garry Balogh

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