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16 April, 2014

Half Price - Cut The Rope: Time Travel

Zeptolab's fantastic Cut The Rope series has been a go-to recommendation for physics puzzlers since its release in 2010.

Physics puzzlers would be nothing without physics that feel really dependable. They need to make you believe that, if you did exactly the same thing twice in a row, the outcome would be exactly the same. On top of this they need imaginative puzzle mechanics that are gradually introduced in a way that teaches the player the rules of the game's physics environment, laying out the tools with which puzzles can be solved.

If these physics, mechanics and great level design weren't then packaged in an appealing way, all that effort would be for nothing, as players would quickly move on. Yet Cut the Rope ticked all those boxes in 2010.

Greedy but loveable character Om Nom's constant pleading for more candy - with his little urging sounds and big needy eyes - is hard to deny. The simple idea of cutting and manipulating pieces of string from which dangle a bright hard candy was executed brilliantly. Many themed level packs have been added to the original Cut the Rope over the years - such as the Cosmic Box, Magic Box, Valentine's Box, Tool Box, Toy Box and more - making for great value.

Follow up games Cut the Rope: Experiments (2011) and Cut the Rope: Time Travel (2013) added new mind-bending ways to feed candy to Om Nom, and all three games are a credit to Zeptolab. A proper numbered sequel released in December 2013 - Cut the Rope 2 - making for more candy-feeding madness than even the level designers at Zeptolab probably thought possible. 

Now is a great time to jump in as Cut the Rope: Time Travel is currently 50% off. You'll be feeding Om Nom in the themed levels of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Wild West and even a Disco era!

Check it out below, and grab the awesome iPad puzzlers from the below links: and don't forget, to discover the best new indie iPad games, you just got to Grab It.

   - Cut the Rope
   - Cut the Rope 2
   - Cut the Rope: Experiments
   - Cut the Rope: Time Travel

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