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13 March, 2014

Glorkian Warrior Out Now

Update: Back in early February we posted a trailer for Glorkian Warrior: Trials of Glork, a particularly interesting blip which had appeared on our radar. Today the game is rolling out in App Stores around the world as gamers awake and go searching for their newest fix, and you can click this link to grab it - it will automatically come online as the game goes on sale in your region so check back regularly.  

Original Story: Mashing up a classic Commander Keen style platformer with a Galaga inspired shooter sounds like an awkward mix on paper, but watch the trailer below for Glorkian Warrior: Trials of Glork. Now you're probably wondering why you haven't played a game like this before.

The concept alone is enough to make us want to get busy with it, but its the execution that has us particularly inspired. It looks like to have that extra something special that will push it beyond "oh, neat idea" moment. With hand-drawn comic book visuals from artist James Kochalka, and game development from Pixeljam, this is one we'll keep a keen eye on, and let you know more details when we know more details.

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