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08 January, 2015

How to Pay and How to Play Need for Speed: No Limits With Firemonkeys

In a lengthy Facebook post, developer Firemonkeys - makers of Real Racing 3 - has answered a tonne of frequently asked questions regarding its upcoming racer, Need for Speed: No Limits.

The game is the first mobile exclusive entry in the Need for Speed franchise, and Firemonkeys' previous mobile and racer experience seems like a perfect fit for the legendary blockbuster. Detailing the games free-to-play structure, car customisations, device compatibility and more, it's probably a good up-front move by Firemonkeys to head some of these questions off at the pass, especially given that a big name franchise such as Need for Speed going down the free-to-play path will be divisive to fans. (Not to mention the rocky start to Real Racing 3's F2P life.) 

Here is the full post:

"Is this game free?
Yes, the game is free to download and play with the option to make purchases. Purchases will allow players to improve their cars and achieve higher levels of success more quickly, but are not required to complete the game. We look forward to giving millions of players the opportunity to experience ongoing updates with new content and features.

Is it online only/is there an offline play mode?
Players will need to be online to play, ensuring they're able to have ongoing full access to the game features and content.

Will there be an online multiplayer mode?
Online multiplayer won't be in the initial release of the game, but we're actively adding new features for players to enjoy.

Who is developing the game?
The game is being created by the Firemonkeys; developers of Real Racing 3 and previous Need for Speed titles on mobile, from Melbourne, Australia. We'll be using that extensive mobile racing expertise to bring players the most exciting edition of Need for Speed on mobile to date.

What engine is the game using?
Need for Speed: No Limits uses the Isis engine.

What platforms will the game be available on?
We're currently launching on the App Store and Google Play, but we're always exploring opportunities on other platforms.

When will the game be launching?
Keep an eye on the App Store and Google Play for release in 2015.

Is the game soft launching?
As some of our fans have so diligently noticed, we are soft launching in selected territories and expanding those as the game evolves to ensure a high-quality, exciting experience for players.

Will the game be open world?
Not for initial release. We know it's a mode that a lot of players look forward to.

Will gamepads/controllers be supported?
There won't be gamepads or controllers supported at launch, but we're exploring opportunities with partners.

To what degree can the cars be customised?
There are millions of possible combinations of car parts, including engines, gearboxes, suspension, spoilers, roof scoops, bonnets, tinted windows and more.

What kinds of controls will be supported in the game?
The game will be sporting 3 different steering control schemes, with gestures to drift and boost, catering to a variety of play styles.

What are the minimum device specs that will be supported?
We always push the boundaries of technology when we release new titles for mobile devices, which can sometimes require the latest hardware. For Need for Speed No Limits we recommend minimum device specs of:
iOS: iPhone 4S with iOS 6.1+
Android: API level 15, 1.21.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 800x600 screen res - GPU - Tegra 3, Adreno 302, PVR SGX543/545"

We'll keep an eye on this one to see how it all pans out. In the mean time, check out the trailer below, and you can start sharpening your racing skills with Firemonkeys' Real Racing 3, which you can grab for free right here. Also, be sure to check out our huge feature in Episode 5 of Grab It - One Year On With Firemonkeys’ Controversial Racer. We interview Real Racing 3's producer Kynan Woodman, who gave us a look behind the scenes, and a glimpse at what the future might hold for the series. 

Garry Balogh

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