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23 September, 2014

Ever wanted to play Lex on an Atari XL? Well Now You Can.

Yesterday if you were to draw a Ven Diagram of all the games playable between an Atari XL (from the 1980s and packing a whopping 64k of memory under the hood) and your iOS devices, you would have had two separate circles with no overlapping at all. 

Today would be a different story. The developer of frantic word puzzler Lex - Simple Machine - made its game open source in the hope that cool things might happen. Something cool just happened. 

Bill Kendrick recently reached out to Simple Machine informing the developer of his creation Invenies Verba - Latin for "find the word" - a Lex-inspired word puzzler playable on an Atari XL. Check out the video below for some nostalgia tinged with 21st century inspiration. 

You can read our full review of Lex and grab the game right here, but as a teaser, reviewer Claire Phillips had this to say; "I have come up for air after burning through forty minutes of Lex. My eyes are still adjusting to the tame colours of the real world, my ears are relieved that the tension inducing music is gone, and the section of my brain responsible for vocabulary is crying in a corner about its inability to spell any word with a ‘u’ in it."

Garry Balogh

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