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26 July, 2014

Indiana Jones meets Metroid in Traps 'n Gemstones

Donut Games' company logo - depicting a coffee and a doughnut - perfectly sums up the niche the developer has carved out for itself on the App Store. Combining the key ingredients of short five minute casual gameplay experiences and its now iconic cartoon art style with a light, fun, often surreal twist, you always know what you are getting with a Donut Games title. 

The company is prolific in its releases, with dozens of games to choose from. A personal favourite of mine is Traffic Rush - a perfectly executed little time-waster concerning a four-way intersection and vehicles of different speeds that you must control to ensure their safe passage. A new mode with the same idea, but swapping out cars and roads for trains and tracks, has been added to the game as well. Great high score chasing fun. 

This week, however, saw Donut Games venturing out of its five minute casual comfort zone to release a larger 2D action platformer, with elements of puzzle solving, loot collecting and exploration. Check out the trailer below for a look at the many gameplay mechanic ideas that have been squeezed into this excellent looking adventure. 

There is a distinct Indiana Jones flavour that is hard to miss, complete with hat, whip and Egyptian tomb-plundering, while the level design is classic Metroidvania. 

If you're keen to jump straight in, you can grab the game here. For a 2D platformer with a focus on exploration, but with a Western setting, 2-Bit Cowboy is another easy recommendation, and just had an ad supported free version release also. 

 - Traffic Rush
 - Traps 'n Gemstones
 - 2-Bit Cowboy
 - 2-Bit Cowboy Free

Garry Balogh 

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