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14 March, 2014

Darklings - Free App of the Week

Well, we made it again. Happy Friday everyone. 

If you're heading into the weekend with a hankering for a great new game to escape into on your iPad or iPhone, and you have 88.6MB to spare, head to the App Store now. Those megabytes are all you'll need, as the rest is completely free courtesy of Apple's Free App of The Week. 

Winner in the 2013 Crystal Pixel Awards for Excellence in Gameplay, Darklings is now free for the next 7 days. You'll play as Lum, attempting to purge the Darklings who have stolen all the stars and brought darkness to the world.

Rather then implementing any sort of virtual joystick or directional pad, developer Mild Mania has instead opted to create a control system optimised for, and intuitive to, the touchscreen. Part of its mission statement is being "committed to create a new and natural way of interaction with high-quality and innovative games."

The swiping and drawing mechanic created for its debut game Darklings certainly ticks this box. 

With gorgeous visuals that seem to draw inspiration from the colour palettes of Limbo and Badland, and an endless gameplay structure that rotates between aesthetically different worlds, it should keep a lot of iDevices busy this weekend. Mild Mania seem to be doing a good job of supporting the game post-release with themed updates as well, as it has already received both a Christmas and a Valentines Day update. 

You can grab it here. Enjoy!

Garry Balogh

  - Limbo
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  - Darklings

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