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24 February, 2014

Old-School Dungeon Crawler Coldfire Keep Out Now

Everything old is new again. We're still catching our breath from last week's plethora of quality releases, and Coldfire Keep - published by Crescent Moon Games and developed by Steve Jarman - is certainly one of the week's stand-out titles. 

Before the days of true 3D gaming, the late '80s and early '90s saw a subgenre of RPG dungeon crawlers that gave the illusion of 3D. This was done by having your character facing down a tunnel or pathway, and giving you the choice of moving in any of the compass directions. Once you'd hit the appropriate key to head in your chosen direction, a new scene would load, placing you one grid-space down the pathway in that direction, with everything down that path drawn a little closer. Couple this grid-based movement with turn-based enemy encounters, and an RPG flavoured storyline, and you have a good idea what many of us spent too much time doing about two decades ago. 

We would draw our own maps as we traversed the area on grid paper, making notes as we went, in case backtracking was needed to fulfil a task. This process gave a real hands on connection to the adventure and was a lot of fun.

Coldfire Keep looks to try and capture this once popular style of gaming and refresh it with modern technology. After watching the trailer we're sure you'll agree it certainly looks the part. Having Crescent Moon Games as its publisher is a good sign too, as the company is certainly known for releasing quality titles on iOS. 

With options for traditional, gesture or controller inputs, all preferences seem to be catered for. Also the game promises over ten hours of adventuring, with hidden secrets to be found. 

You can grab the game here, and check out some of the other titles developed and/or published by Crescent Moon Games below. 

  - Coldfire Keep
  - Ravensword: Shadowlands
  - Ravensword: The Fallen King
  - Shadow Blade
  - Paper Monsters


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