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16 May, 2014

Console Classic SRPG Record of Agarest War Ported to iOS

For those worried about the rise and rise of the F2P business model, and the decline of premium-priced games on the App Store, check this out.

Yesterday saw the release of HyperDevbox's Record of Agarest War, previously a success on consoles, and it's yours to own on iOS for anything from $14.99 to $18.99 (depending on your country's App Store pricing). The pricing is sharing that same rarefied air as many of Square Enix's RPGs on the App Store. 

For less then twenty clams (or whatever currency your country trades in) you'll certainly get bang for your buck from HyperDevbox's port. The game boasts a deep storyline, offering more than one hundred hours of gameplay spanning multiple generations of characters. 

With full video cutscenes and epic spell effects, this is very much a console quality strategical role-playing experience for your iDevice. So if you've got the time and the clams to spare, you can dive in and grab It right here.

Also, check out our look at our ABC of RPGs series, in particular at the common tropes employed by SRPGs.

Garry Balogh

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